The specialists indicating that the rate of Alzheimer disease cannot be underestimated and families having an Alzheimer history in their families need to apply to the neurologist and they have mentioned that the onset age of the disease can be delayed and the symptoms can be milder by exercise, sports and healthy nutrition.

Medova Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Aysun Hatice Akça Karpuzoğlu stated that they can reduce forgetfulness, personality changes, behavioral changes to a certain extent in Alzheimer’s patients by the treatments. Dr. Karpuzoğlu said that if there is a forgetfulness that affects people’s daily life activity, causes the person to move away from himself or her alienation, or if there is weakening in his functions, these patients should be evaluated in terms of Alzheimer. Karpuzoğlu said that:


“Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia associated with forgetfulness, cognitive dysfunctions. In our country, this disease is seen at such a ratio that cannot be underestimated. 500 thousand of Alzheimer patients are receiving treatment. This is a very high ratio. This is the number of patients who are apparently treated. Probably there are so many patients who do not receive treatment. The first indication of this illness is forgetfulness, especially in the recent past and recent information can not be recorded in memory. However in the course of time, it may reach the level that would cause the person to feel alienated to his surroundings and to himself. In time, forgetfulness can reach a level that negatively affects a person’s daily life. At this stage, the person will also lose his skills. For example, having difficulty in performing the works that the patient did well before, confusing the home address etc. He can move to the point where he feels like a stranger at his own home. In addition to forgetfulness, there may be changes in character and behavior of the patients. Such as excessive nervousness-calmness, too much eating-losing appetite, being extroverted. Sometimes inappropriate behaviors due to loss of social inhibition can also be seen in the patients. Some patients may have pathological thoughts, in the form of being harmed, theft, or deception; or jealousy . Over time, there may also be problems in planning and judgment. Symptoms such as depression, emotional disturbances in the form of excessive joy, difficulty in making calculations, difficulty in talking symptoms may also occur.


“Alzheimer’s disease is a disease having a genetic transmission”


Karpuzoğlu, specifying that the patients generally refer to the hospital in the advanced stage, stated that “Of course, we often see patients in advanced stages. Sometimes these patients can be neglected due to forgetfulness in the natural aging process. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease having a genetic transmission. In other words, if a person with forgetfulness has an Alzheimer’s story in his family, he should absolutely refer to the neurologist with the consideration of the presence of this disease. During the disease, in the brain, in some regions of the brain, especially the memory center, cell death due to abnormal protein accumulation occurs. However, can we prevent this, no we cannot prevent this situation. Because, before the disease emerges, cell death starts with the accumulation of protein in your brain several decades ago. Once cell death reaches a certain point, patients may manifest themselves with a weakening of forgetfulness, difficulty in doing works, difficulty in planning, inability to prepare a meal that was previously prepared very well, or weakening of a repairing skill, or planning programming. In later stages, personality changes can occur in these patients, and we generally see the patients in advanced stages. In this regard, if there is a forgetfulness that affects person’s daily life activity, cabinet person to move away from himself or her alienation, or if there is weakening in his functions, this person should be evaluated in terms of Alzheimer.”


“There is no definitive treatment for the disease, but adjunctive therapies can improve the quality of life for all”


Neurology Specialist Dr. Aysun Hatice Akça Karpuzoğlu, specified that the disease has no definitive treatment and mentioned that they cannot completely eliminate forgetfulness, personality changes, behavioral changes via treatment, but they can reduce them to a small extent. Karpuzoğlu stated that, “We can reduce the burden of the patient’s relative as well as the daily life of the person is positively affected by the treatment. In this regard, treatment of the patients and early treatment are very important. We try to reduce the burden of the relative of the patient by trying to replace the missing matter in the brain via the treatment, or by giving medicines that will reveal the effect of the missing matters. Imagine that you have a close relative; think that his forgetfulness has begun, he does not remember you, your mother, your father does not remember you, they have become alienated. When appropriate, he does not know himself, he did does not even know his wife, he assumes that his wife is his sister. Treatment is very important in this patient, at least for the reduction of behavioral symptoms, at least for the person to remember his close vicinity”.


“Every forgetfulness is not Alzheimer’’


Karpuzoğlu pointed out that with exercise, sports and healthy nutrition the age on disease onset can be delayed and the symptoms will progress more mildly, saying, “Generally there are some suggestions for healthy structures. Healthy nutrition, sports, physical and mental exercise and similar. Alzheimer is a disease, the age of onset of which can be delayed with the necessary things the healthy individual should be doing. It is known that physical exercise, daily 45 minutes walking, healthy nutrition and Mediterranean type nutrition are preventive for Alzheimer. At the same time, doing mental exercises, solving puzzles and sudoku, trying to do things to keep the mind busy, learning new things, attending various courses and activities, keeping the motivation high are preventive methods for Alzheimer and also actually generally preventive for health.”