Our hospital, built on closed area of 27.100 square meters in Selçuklu district of Konya has 3 in-patient floors, 2 outpatient clinic floors, 6 surgeries and emergency services for adults and children and has started patient admission in May 2016.

The hospital has a total of 171 in-patient bed availability with 24 newborn incubators, 6 coronary, 5 KVC, 25 adults in total 60 in emergency; 63 special rooms with 2 king suits, 4 junior suits and 21 double bed standard rooms with 111 patient beds and polyclinic services are offered in 34 areas.  Also nutrition, dentistry and clinical psychology departments are available for our patients.

Our hospital has adopted the basic principle of offering their services with good-humor and a patient-focused understanding and equipment of time-tested international companies is included in technological implementations.  Besides the fully equipped laboratory, where all tests can be carried out, our radiology unit that has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology MR, 128-section tomography, digital X-rays and digital mammography and 4-dimension ultrasound devices has the capacity to fulfill all the needs of Konya people.