By the implementation of this policy the Private Medova Hospital Executive Management,

And with the “Information Security Management System” to be established as a requirement for continuous development in order to realize their objective “to increase patient satisfaction by offering quality and productive services” and declares and undertakes to carry out the following basic principles, which are necessary  to provide protection, continuity and sustainability of information in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility:

  • Conformity to Information Security Management System standard conditions and needs shall be provided.
  • Confidentiality of all produced and/or used information entity within the BGYS scope of Private Medova Hospital shall be secured in all conditions not considering the possession of corporate and personal information or information of third parties.
  • laws, regulations, legislations, customer agreements and other requirements specified by relevant legislations shall be fulfilled and coordination with these shall be carried out.
  • Informed or uninformed unauthorized use, change, revelation or harm of all information entities shall be prevented.
  • Risk evaluation on all information entities shall be carried out and it shall be provided that the specified risks are decreased to acceptable levels.
  • Regular trainings to increase the information security awareness of the staff and to encourage them to contribute to the system shall be provided for institution staff, new employees and suppliers’ employees when necessary.
  • All real or suspicious violations regarding information security cases shall be reported and preventive measures shall be taken.
  • Business continuity and continuous access for information shall be provided and it will be ensured that information is used securely taking the effective, correct and fast use and access authorities into account.
  • The necessary resources shall be provided in order for the Information Security Management System to be implemented, sustained and improved.