Private Medova Hospital Quality Management Department has been established in line with the Ministry of Health Quality Standards (HQS) and the Quality Management System has been constituted within the framework of these standards.

The committees, commissions and teams within our Quality Management System are listed below.


  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Employee Health and Safety Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Site Safety Committee
  • Infection Control Committee
  • Transfusion Committee


  • Medical Ethics Council
  • Occupational Health and Safety Council
  • Discipline Council
  • Extended Board of Directors


  • Medicine Management Staff
  • Medical Device and Material Responsible Staff
  • Organ and Tissue Transplantation Coordination
  • Pink Code Management Team
  • White Code Management Team
  • Blue Code Management Team
  • Red Code Management Team
  • HAP Case Management Team
  • Patient Rights and Recommendation Assessment Team
  • Employee Recommendation Assessment Team
  • Information Safety Responsible Team
  • Cleaning Control Team
  • Purchasing Commission
  • Building Tour Team
  • Nutritional Support Team

Within our Quality Management System;

  • The committees, commissions and teams meet at specified periods and in necessary cases and corrective / preventive decisions are taken according to specified nonconformities.
  • Department based data and data related to clinical indicators are collected by the Department Quality Staff and are analysed monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually. Corrective / remedial activities are started according to the outcomes achieved.
  • A self-evaluation is carried out minimum once a year with the participation of all quality staff.
  • Building tours are carried out. Remedial activities are started according to the nonconformities observed.
  • Patient and employee satisfaction surveys are carried out, analysed and opinions, suggestions and complaints and evaluated, if any.