Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özcan Kılıç said that kidney stones that can be encountered at every five people and the public rate of these has gone up to 20 %, however, they should not be reasons for fear for patients anymore. He pointed out that with the RIRC method they can enter the kidney from the urinary canal with a device with a camera and the stones are minimized with laser and then they are excreted without any harm for the kidney or the urinary canal.

Medova Hospital Urology specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özcan Kılıç stated that currently along with the development of surgery techniques, the patients can go back to their daily lives one day after the kidney stone operation, “With the development of technology, in kidney stone operations, there has been a real decrease in the period for staying at the hospital and as the surgery techniques developed as well, the patients can now go back to their routine daily lives in one day. Currently in kidney stone treatment we reach the bladder through natural ways, that is, through the urinary canal and then we reach the kidney, minimize the stone with laser and discharge the patients in one day. There is no surgery scar at the patients. This operation can be performed for stones up to 4 cm. The patients go back to their normal lives and to their business in the shortest time possible. This method is called Retrograd Intra Renal Surgery (RIRC) and with the device called flexible urethroscopy (URS) the canal, from which urine is excreted, is entered and the bladder and the kidney are reached. Then the renal pelvis is observed, and the stones specified and with laser the stones are minimized to dust-size or salt grain size. After that we place wire there, which provides urine flow and prevents pain related to the remaining particles of the stones. Finally, we place a catheter at the patient, which we remove the next day and after an x-ray control, we discharge the patient.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özcan Kılıç says, “One day after the surgery the patients can go back to their normal lives.”

He stated that this operation can be performed for all stones up to 4 cm and for patients in all age groups. “This operation can be performed for each patient. Previously, surgical operations could not be performed for patients with problems of bleeding or blood diluents medication had to be stopped. One of the biggest advantages of this operation is that there is no need for the patient to stop the blood diluents if he is using it. Thus, we remove the risk for other diseases too. The biggest comfort of this operation for the patients is that they can be discharged from the hospital in one day and go back to their normal lives.”


“There is a possibility for kidney stones at one out of every five people”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özcan Kılıç pointed out that the rate for kidney stones in the public can go up to %20, “There is a possibility for kidney stones at one out of every five people. For men, lifelong kidney stone possibility rate is at 15% and for women it is between 5 and 7%. As this is a high rate, if, particularly there is a stone history in the family, people should have controls. Now kidney stone treatment is not a problem and with the developing technology our patients are discharged from the hospital one day after the operation, if an operation is applicable, and they have the chance to go their normal lives in a few days. If a person has a kidney stone, the recurrence possibility is 50% in 5 years. Therefore, these patients should have regular controls after the stones are removed.”

He also gave advices for these patients and pointed out, “The most important thing to do to stay away from kidney stones is to increase our daily liquid amount. On average we need to take liquid between 2.5 – 3 liters daily. Also we should stay away from salts and animal proteins.”

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