Medova Hospital will perform a program for all of our people with the aim of regenerating the mourning memories of our martyrs with the event organized for the anniversary of the treacherous coup attempt on July 15th.

On Friday, July 14 at 14.00, the program will start with the Quran recitation in the main entrance area of the Medova Hospital, and guests will be served with a halva. Program participants will also be able to visit the photo exhibition consisting of the iconic photographs of the July 15 coup attempt.
Medova Hospital Chairman Seçkin Olcay, who made a statement about the matter, said that: “with the martyrs guarding the body against the traitors who want to hit the existence of the Turkish Nation on July 15, all of our people are invited to this event which we will organize in memory of all the martyrs who have been sent for eternity for the sake of homeland, flag and nation. “