After the proposal submitted by Medova Hospital Neonatal Specialist Prof. Dr. Rahmi Örs to the Ministry of Health, it became possible for the children to visit their siblings at the Neonatal intensive Care Units.


Prof. Dr. Rahmi Örs, providing information about the children visitors that had started firstly at Medova Hospital, stated that “The newborn process continues with the process of breaking up the family, especially for the premature infants, when the individual who joins the family suddenly remains in the hospital for months at a time. Therefore, Neonatal intensive Care is a very troublesome process for the mother, father and the family. Mother, babies, siblings at different times; so it was important to be able to have the parents visit their babies in order to reduce stress on the family. Indeed, the ability of mothers to see, touch, and talk with their babies has very positive effects on the follow-up of the babies. This is an observed and scientifically proven situation. Then, the visit of the father is added. The contribution and visit of the father causes a positive effect in terms of having the new Neonatal intensive Care Stress in the family in terms of the minimum level of living in the positive effect is a factor”.

“This process has primarily started in Konya”

Prof. Dr. Rahmi Örs, saying that they routinely apply their visits to both their parents at their units, stated that “Visiting the babies at neonatal intensive care unit by their siblings was a dream that I had been dreaming for many years and what I wanted to do and worked on this issue. In the near future, my dream has come true with the approval of the Science Board at the Ministry of Health. This is the first time we have implemented this practice at Medova Hospital in Konya. The sibling visit includes the healthy siblings over the age of 3 within certain rules. We get really positive reactions since we started to apply this practice. Siblings and families are happy. Previously the parents were coming, the siblings were looking behind from the glass, and there was a sourness. I remember the children a lot saying that “Uncle Doctor, I want to enter. Can you please let me in?” . We are very happy to have realized this. As Medova Hospital, we see such events as a natural human right and we are especially striving to make them actual.”

“Mother-father and sibling visits vitalize the babies”

Prof. Dr. Rahmi Örs, reporting that interesting situations have occured after the visits of Neonatal intensive Care Unit, stated that “After the visits of parents and sisters, there are very interesting events that the parents observe and tell us during their visits. One of them is the observation of better, more positive signs after these visits in the babies having some problems in their vital parameters. This suggests that the visits of the parents and siblings have a positive impact on the infants, suggesting that these visits add life to the baby.”