With globalization and social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, people now started to care their appearance more. Nowadays, people are forwarded to cosmetic surgeries to look better in the photographs. One of these surgeries is rhinoplasty.  Regarding rhinoplasty, that is the most applied aesthetic surgery in Turkey, we talked with Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Dr. Mehmet Öztan about all the unknown.


Mehmet Oztan, who expressed that generally people applied to rhinoplasty due to breathing problems and aesthetic concerns, stated that the interest in rhinoplasty has increased by the effect of media. Öztan mentioned that, “ With globalization, people have become to show more care to appearance in social media. People share photographs from their Facebook, Instagram accounts. From what point of view he looks better, he is trying to take the pictures from that point of view. The nose has a very important place in this regard. It is one of the most important organs that is right in the middle of our face and that determines the general structure of the face. Especially young people started to obsess over the pictures by looking at the pictures. He started to obsess like why my nose is not like the nose of famous people. If there is an obsession at an advanced level, psychological treatment may be needed, but if the excuse of the patient is reasonable, we are convinced of the surgery. Some patients come with no breathing problem, with a very  balanced nasal proportion but they want rhinoplasty, then we avoid from surgery for this patient.”



Oztan, expressing that 78% of the surgeries in previous years were preferred by women, said that this rate was half the same for the last 2-3 years. Öztan mentioned that, “ Men and women ratio has equalized and men also begin to be interested in aesthetics. Like women, they do not only perform rhinoplasty, but also care about the appearance in other areas. With the effect of the media, rhinoplasty surgeries keep snowballing every passing day”.

Öztan, who said that rhinoplasty surgery started to be done from the age of 18, emphasized that the nasal and cartilaginous structures are settled after 18 years old and the changes made after this age are permanent.



Öztan, specifying that the operation may vary between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on the treatment and the patient, provide the information about the rhinoplasty and the recovery period: “We have the necessary tests performed before the surgery. Then we take the patient to surgery. At the end of the operation, we take the patient to a private room and frequently apply ice to prevent swelling and bruising during the resuscitation period. At the end of the first day, ew remove the buffer and the patient is taken to home care. Then the patient can return to work 1 week alter. Swelling may occur but we complete a 80% part in a month. The remaining part can be extended up to 6 months and sometimes up to a year. Exact settlement of the bone structure takes a full year. Around 15 percent of nasal surgeries may require a second operation worldwide. If the patient smokes, we recommend to quit smoking 2 weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after surgery. Smoking delays the healing of the patient, reduction of edema, swelling and awakening from anesthesia.”

Oztan, specifying that Turkey has made a progress in rhinoplasty, mentioned that many doctors have gone abroad as speakers.

Finally, Oztan made recommendations for the patients who want to have rhinoplasty. Oztan stated that rhinoplasty is not a surgery to be afraid of and that it can be done more easily by means of new developing technologies.