In Konya, the 15-millimeter hole in 9-year-old Mehmet’s heart was closed without any devices.


About 4 years ago in Konya, Bayanbudak couple applied to a doctor for their child, Mehmet, who has growth and development problems. After the examinations performed at the hospital, it is determined that Mehmet, who was 9 years old, has a 15-millimeter hole in his heart. Then Mehmet is taken under follow-up by Medova Hospital Pediatric Cardiology Specialist  Assist. Prof. Dr. Derya Çimen. Assist. Prof. Dr. Derya Çimen, specifying that they have broken new ground as Medova Hospital Pediatric Cardiology team and Cardiology teams, said that “The hole in the heart of our patient is closed without any surgeries or any devices. Mehmet is our patient who is followed up for a long-term. He referred to us with complaints of not being able to gain weight and becoming ill frequently. The pediatrician identified the murmur in his heart and directed the patient to us. In our examinations, we determined the hole in the heart and started to follow the patient. As soon as our patient started to become tired frequently and unable to gain weight, we decided to close the hole”.

“Mehmet will be able to run and play much better”
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Derya Çimen, stated that the operation of the patient has taken a very short period of time, mentioned that “Yesterday, we have performed this operation with our team. It was a short-term process. We performed this procedure in 25 minutes, with no general anesthesia, only sleeping our patient slightly. The patient did not feel any pain because we made the patient sleep. It was also comfortable for us. Now, the current hole in our patient is closed by a device. After this, Mehmet will be able to run and play much better. The hole in his heart is now completely closed. He has a small drug that will last about 6 months. He will be protected from the falling down for three months and will continue his life without the hole in his heart”.

“There will be no sport limitations”
Çimen, specifying that there is no bleeding risk and pain in the operation, mentioned that “We go through the right inguen under the angio environment, reach the hole in the heart and attach our device that fits the hole. The hole of Mehmet was close to 15 millimeters. During the angiography, we had completely closed the hole by using a device up to 14 millimeters. In his next life, this device in the heart will not make any trouble. We have completed 24 hours. He has no pain or complaints. No risks occured during the follow-ups. From now on, he will not use too many drugs. There will also no sport limitations”.

Careful if your child gets tired quickly!
Assist.  Prof. Dr. Derya Çimen, remarking that cardiac holes can progress silently without any symptoms, stated that “We want to give the following message to the parents of our patients: If your child gets tired quickly, does not gain weight, and gets sick frequently; and if there are complaints such as palpitations, and chest pain, we want to have your child examined by a pediatric cardiologist. The most comfortable side of this process, which we call ASD closure with the Percutaneous Transcatheter Device, is that we do not hospitalize the patient for a long time. Because the duration of hospitalization in the closure cases performed by surgery, if there is an infection, is will extend more, by this closing process with this device, the patient can return to normal life in a very short time. Our patient has completed the first 24 hours. We will prepare the discharging procedures today. After using a blood-thinner for about 6 months, he will go on to his life without using any medication, he will return to his school”.

“They have immediately delivered our child to us. I am very happy!”
Müslüm Bayanbudak, father of 9-year-old Mehmet said that “We took my son to the state hospital because he was weak and could not gain weight. They said there was a problem in the heart of my son. They transferred us to Doctor Derya. She was interested in everything of the child. She applied a drug treatment for 2 years. They have told us that they will close the hole without surgery. We believed in our doctor and Medova Hospital. Thank God, they have delivered our child to us in as short as 20-25 minutes. My child stood up in 1.5 days and he is self conscious. We are very happy” and he thanked to, especially the team that performed the operation, everyone who contributed in the treatment of his child.