Doctor Ender Saraç requested the Konya people to stay away from white flour and sugar consumption, where 2 out of every 3 people have obesity.

Doctor Ender Saraç joined the ‘Health Talks’ programme at Konya Medova Hospital and he gave information on the subjects “Detox Methods in Anatolian Culture and Healing Plants”. Ender Saraç mentioned that in Konya two of every three people have obesity and he added,  “In Turkey, Konya is the capital of cardiovascular illnesses, heart attacks, diabetes and many other illnesses. Actually Konya is a place with a world-wide reputation for spiritual values. There are peace and mysticism in Konya, however, on the other hand, obesity that does not fit these grace and spiritual fineness has taken off here. This is incredible. When I walk in Konya, what makes me really upset is that two of every three people have obesity. They destroy their own lives. Our country receives most of its grains from Konya. Doughnuts, pastry, cakes, bread, bıçakarası, Mevlana pastry, everything is made from dough. They eat bread in the morning and as a snack they eat pastry and doughnuts. Konya’s women are very skilful, they can prepare food from dough in a moment. And all this dough is sweet poison. Every time you eat something made from white flour, this becomes fat for your waist and belly.”

Ender Saraç stated that white flour and sugar should not be consumed, “When you eat, eg. lentils, fish, meat and your blood sugar rises gradually; however, when you eat dough food and then sweets, the blood sugar rises rapidly. It rises so much that the pancreas with the duty to balance the blood sugar has to excrete insulin suddenly.

The brain says, watch out, your blood sugar is rising and orders the pancreas and because you have eaten too much, the pancreas has to pump insulin. Insulin’s job is to take sugar into the cells and provide its usage. When you make too much insulin excreted, insulin starts not to be able to do its job and insulin resistance starts. Sugar either has to get burned or if this is not possible, it is converted into fat and is stored at the most dangerous place, the belly.”

Doctor Ender Saraç answered questions and the programme finished.