In the activity arranged by Medova Hospital regarding the World Premature Day event in Konya, a graduation certificate was issued for the premature infants who were hospitalized after being treated at the Yenidoğan Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.


Premature infants and their families came together at the 17 November World Premature Day event this year, organized by the Medova Hospital for the second time this year, in order to draw attention to the problems of premature infants, premature infants and their families with at least as much suffering in this process. In the activity; besides the Medova Hospital administrators, doctors and the Neonatal intensive  Care staff, Dr. Erkan Kemal Belviranlı, Head doctor of the Obstetrics and Pediatric Hospital, Dr. Erkan  Ataş, Head Doctor of Pediatric Diseases Hospital, Head Nurse Serpil Arslanpınar and Neonatal intensive Care Responsible Nurse Reyhan Kılıç were also present.

Prof.  Dr. Rahmi Örs, Medya Hospital’s Medical Director and Neonatology Expert, who gave information about the event, said, “World Premature Day is a day put forward to draw attention to the problems and assets of the infants who born before time. However, this has turned into a full graduation enthusiastism today in our hospital. It was a great pleasure for us to present a graduation certificate to the the families as if graduating from a school after they discharged their children healthily after having very stressful days at the Neonatal intensive Care Unit, who was born really early. Neonatal Intensive Care Units, when compared to years ago, are much better in terms of the infrastructure equipment. We are talking about the happiness of our problems today, the experiences of the families at the Neonatal intensive Care Unit, and every day the Neonatal intensive Care Units are in a better position to serve premature infants.”

“We gave approximately a thousand graduates in a short period of time”

Prof. Dr. Rahmi Örs stated that hospitals are in quite good conditions in terms of infrastructure equipment and premature infant services standards and also specified that “At the same time, our hospital had taken a very important step in terms of relieving the intensive care stress of the families by starting the sibling visits besides the visits of the mother and the father. Today we invited our families at a unit where we gave nearly a thousand graduates in the short period of time and we celebrated the day together with them. Some of our graduates are at various locations in Turkey. We have a 24-week-old baby in Sivas, another 25-week-old baby in Edirne, another 25-week-old baby in Tokat. Our graduates all over Turkey still continue their lives.”

The families of the premature infants who spoke later thanked the doctors of Medova Hospital, the neonatal intensive care nurses and the hospital management that arranged this event when their babies were discharged healthily.

Adnan Parlak, the father of a premature infant, stated the difficulties that they experienced together with their infant in this process and gave a hard time to the contributors in the activity. Father Adnan Parlak specified that, “Medova Hospital gladdens our heart when we see the ingenuity and professionalism of the Neonatal Intensive Care personnel. God bless these people”.

Fatma Öztürk, the mother of another premature infant, said, “I am a triplet mother. I came for an urgent birth. Here, the entire staff has made a great deal of benefit to us and we have had many beautiful days. Those were hard days, but happy days. Thank goodness, all the infants were healthy. I would like to thank all the staff, especially our professor, who helped us to have a nice day nin our hard times.”

Everyone who participated in the event on World Premature Day, symbolized by purple color because the body was purple when a premature infant was born, put on a purple badge. After cutting the premature day cake, the program continued with the certificate ceremony of the small babies. Families chatting with each other at the end of your activity by telling each other their experiences, sadnesses and joys; took photos with their babies and the doctors for a memory of the day.