Prof. Dr. Erdal Kalkan

Prof. Dr. Erdal Kalkan

Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist

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    Brain and Nerve Surgery
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Prof. Dr. Erdal Kalkan


Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine / 1985

Specialty Training

Selçuk University Faculty of Medicine / 1992

Occupational Fields of Interest

Vertebra and Spinal Cord (Spinal) Surgery, Brain Tumors (Neurooncological Surgery), Cerebral Hemorrhage (Traumatic – Spontaneous), Congenital Vertebra and Spinal Cord Anomalies, Lumbar and Neck Hernia, Degenerative Spinal Diseases, Head and Spinal Cord Traumas, Hydrocephalus, Cerebellum Prolapse (Chiari Malformations)